I avoid giving a price estimate or quote without first considering the details of your project. I'm not giving you a cookie-cutter website; I'm designing it around your needs. For a price estimate, send me the details of what you need out of a website. The details I need to know about include what kind of project it is, whether it is for a business, how many pages you want, what kind of design and interaction you want, and how often you expect the information will change

There are four costs associated with having your own website: 1) the cost of having it built, 2) the cost of hosting it on a web server, 3) the cost of having a domain name (i.e., and 4) the cost of maintenance. For most websites, you can obtain hosting either from me or from a third party for about $12 per month. Domains generally cost about $10 - $20 per year and must be purchased from a third party registrar like Google. The cost of building and maintaining the website is what fluctuates the most.

Every website I make

Here are some considerations that affect how much building and maintaining a website might cost:

  • User interaction. I use Javascript (extended by jQuery) to create intuitive, dynamic, and engaging user experiences on your website. If your website requires extensive interaction, such as a complex multi-user database system might have, the cost of your website will increase. On the other hand, if your website is primarily informational and needs little more than a contact form, your website will be less expensive.
  • Mobile web. A large portion of users now view websites from their mobile phones. For this reason, it is important that your website is formatted to look good on these devices. Complex websites are more difficult to format for smaller screens and will cost more.
  • Security. If your website requires user login information or other secure data (beyond the kind of information you would need in a contact form), you will need to secure your website. There are additional costs associated with this security.