My name is Luke Godfrey. I live in Rogers, Arkansas, and am a Ph.D. graduate student studying Computer Science at the University of Arkansas. I've had years of experience with programming, utilizing different platforms and working various aspects of programming. Websites are what I've been doing the longest, including both back-end and front-end programming. I also have vast experience in game design (a few examples are listed in my portfolio), iPhone app development, and phone-interface design and programming. My research at the university is primarily centered around machine learning with artificial neural networks.

Beside my portfolio, I've also worked on a number of notable projects. During the summer of 2012, I was hired by the University of Arkansas to work on an iPhone app project. I was on J.B. Hunt's web solutions team from 2012 - 2014. I currently have a puzzle-platformer called RePete available on Steam.

For some examples of other projects I've completed, see my portfolio. If you're interested in more information about me, projects I have done, programming I can do, or if you have questions to ask regarding your own project, contact me.